Shaldon Parish boundary marked in blue and the conservation area is in red, please see the Conservation Management Plan.

Shaldon Parish Council was set up in 1984.

How We Work

The Parish Council is a statutory body and is subject to relevant local government legislation and its powers and functions are limited by legislation.

The Council comprises 7 Councillors who are elected every 4 years and a part-time Clerk/Responsible Financial Officer.

If a vacancy occurs between elections candidates can be co-opted or there can be a by-election.

The Parish Council raises money through the Council Precept which is collected as a part of your Council Tax, the level of Precept is set on an annual basis.

The Council’s responsibilities include commenting on Planning Applications, local Emergency Planning including organising a volunteer team to close the 10 flood prevention gates and arranging for salt to be spread on icy side roads, administering and maintaining Parish assets such as The Green and Ferry shelter.

We discuss local affairs from parking issues to the location of bins, we organise an annual Bonfire & Fireworks Night (which is run by a Sub Committee) and are sometimes able to financially support local events and organisations.

Working Groups are set up to make recommendations about specific issues. A great deal of work is done between meetings.